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Hello, my artist name is Alexander Vidaoro and I am a  Graphic Designer / Graffiti artist / Art director based in Saalfelden, Austria. 


The creativity is always having been a big passion for me from my childhood when I have started my artist career around 2000 and later at 2005 I became a studied graphic designer.

Since then I have been working as a self-emlpoyed Creative included making great graphic designs, illustrations, paintings, videos, photos or any else.

I have been working on stuffs for the individual customers, companies and commercial agencies to create amazing experiences that transform the dreams to reality.


At 2014 I moved to the United Kingdom to see how is a life in a different country and try to improve my English skills.

Between 2014 - 2018 when I have lived there I became a serious world traveller and I have visited around 70 different places in the World.

During my trips I found a new hobby as like to be a drone pilot and maybe it will be also another new creative way to represent myself to the World. 


Since 2018 I have been living in Austria with my Family.

I love to travel the world, hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding, meet interesting people and feel the taste of the World and the Freedom.



For further questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to hear or meet you.


Thanks for your attention,

Alexander Vidaoro





- Crazy Cake (Austria)
- Lipödem Zentrum Salzburg (Austria)
- Autopflege Pichler (Austria)

- Pur Natural (Austria)

- Alpin Sherpa (Switzerland)

- Sherpa Club (Switzerland)

- Turbo King TV (United Kingdom)

- Stripes Bicycle Company (United Kingdom)

- The Peacock (United Kingdom)

- Red Lion (United Kingdom)

- Fratelli Cucina Italiana (United Kingdom)

- Bruckner Electric (United Kingdom)

- Sipos Bakery (United Kingdom)

- Bahamas Energy Drink (United Kingdom)

- Home 4 You (United Kingdom)

- Green Rooster (Ireland)

- Momentum  (Ireland)

- Huckleberrys Restaurant  (Ireland)

- Drinkaware (Ireland)

- Franciscan Well Brewery (Ireland)

- Megabikes  (Ireland)

- Crown paints (Ireland)

- The Jackpot Gaming Club (Ireland)

- Mama Samba School (Ireland)

- Connected Ink (Ireland)

- South Florida Choppers (USA)

- Xzibit (USA)

- B and B Sicilia (Italy)

- La Flama (Italy)

- Canoa Kayak Academy (Italy)

- Center Design (Italy)

- CIMA (Spain)

- Organic Hair Salon (Italy)

- Soldecon (Italy)

- Seven Hills Hostel (Portugal)

- Muerde y Bebe (Spain)

- Don Gato Pub (Spain)

- Jauja Tattoo and Piercing (Spain)

- Don Quijote (Spain)

- Peluqueria cash (Spain)

- Joselu (Spain)

- Anyora Restaurant (Spain)

- Shopping Center (Cyprus)

- Sunshine Arts Bar (Maldives)

- Maximus (Sri Lanka)

- Ben Thanh Streetfood Market (Thailand)

- Rise and Shine (Norway)

- Verkstedet (Norway)

- Herbly (Netherlands)

- Goldlife Headshop (Netherlands)

- Porno King Clothing (Slovakia)

- Bmw (Hungary)

- Ford (Hungary)

- Mercedes (Hungary)

- Thyssenkrupp (Hungary)

- Gold Life Clothing and Store (Hungary)

- Goldlife Music (Hungary)

- Suzuki (Hungary)

- FC Budapest (Hungary)

- Future Cup Budapest (Hungary)

- Qualitart Media (Hungary)

- Opten Trade (Hungary)

- Retro Bike (Hungary)

- GCML Clothing (Hungary)

- Belmondo Band (Hungary)

- Jammal and The Groovetroop (Hungary)

- Edeni Vegan Restaurant (Hungary)

- Club 13 (Hungary)

- Amazonas Spa (Hungary)






Skills: Graffiti | Street Art | Typography | Sign writing | Graphic design | Illustration  | Photography | Film | Drone




Competitions, awards:


- 2007: @rc billboard competition: Special award

- 2006: Audi Hungary and Varfok Galery: "Progressive Power" billboard competition - 2. place + Audience award

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